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Forecast Data

Greater Halifax 2014 Forecast
Real GDP ($2007, mil) 19,039
Population 410,000
Total Employment 230,000
Unemployment Rate 6.3%

Source: Conference Board of Canada
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Did you know?

Halifax produces 55% of Nova Scotia’s Total GDP and 20% of Atlantic Canada’s GDP.

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The BOLD Promise

By taking the BOLD promise you are committing to be part of a movement of people who believe in a better Halifax; one that is open to new people, new ideas and a new economy. Take the BOLD promise today!

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Success Stories

Halifax Port Logo

"Out of Box" Terminal Opens in Halifax

The Port of Halifax is now welcoming massive heavy-lift vessels to its new Richmond Terminals facility. Adding to the capabilities in the Halifax Gateway, this modernized terminal has a 1,500 foot long, rail-served dock with over 45 feet of water alongside.

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