“I think the Connector Program is the best way to get connected to the field you want to work in. My Connector is a very generous person and willing to help immigrants who are starting their professional life in Canada. They take from their own experience and can, therefore, understand every part of this process. This adds value to the effort. I am thankful for this opportunity.” 

- IECBC Connectee










“The Connector model is highly valuable program where a new immigrant can make new connections with other local professionals in their field.” 

- IECBC Connector

What is a Connector Program?

The Connector Program is a simple yet highly effective immigrant retention program that connects businesses and organizations in communities across Canada with immigrants looking to build their professional network, connect with career opportunities, and stay in their community.

Who is a Connector?

Connectors are people in your community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions.  Connectors know people through social, cultural, professional, and economic circles, and have a special gift of bringing people together who work or live in different circles.

How does a Connector Program work?


The Connector Program matches pre-qualified immigrants with local employers, civil servants and community leaders who volunteer as Connectors. They are matched based on industry experience, professional backgrounds, or the immigrant’s interest in a specific organization.


Once the match has been made, the Connector and the Immigrant Connectee meet face-to-face to discuss things like:

  • Industry backgrounds
  • Skills and areas of expertise
  • Industry related news
  • Current market demands
  • Hidden job opportunities in the community


Connectors are asked to refer the immigrant to a minimum of three people in their network, and then each of these people are asked to refer them to three more.  As a result, the immigrant’s professional network grows exponentially. 

Referrals may be potential employers, contacts within their industry or other people who will benefit from meeting with a skilled professional.

What are the Benefits?

Connector Benefits:

  • Access to local immigrant talent
  • Increased awareness about their organization and industry
  • Knowing they are opening doors for people and helping them succeed.

Connectee Benefits:

  • Learn about the local job market
  • Enhance their networking skills
  • Build a professional network
  • Significantly improves the likelihood of finding relevant and meaningful employment

Community Benefits:

  • More immigrants means a stronger economy
  • Helps businesses fill labour needs
  • Creates a more welcoming and diverse community
The Connector Program has been replicated in 12 different communities across Canada so far – a true testament to its success, value and effectiveness.  It has also been recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as the best initiative for Workplace Integration, and by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) for best practices in immigrant attraction and retention with two gold awards of excellence.